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How To Invest And Enter The Property Market The Right Way!

A lot of people are genuinely interested in entering into the property investment market but just don’t know where to start. The information freely available on property investment is as variable as the properties available. Along with free information, there are also peoples’ biases to sift through as well. I can understand how people can become so confused and put the whole idea into the ‘too hard’ basket. Property investment is an achievable wealth creation strategy or a great retirement plan as long as you have some good guidance.

Here's A Great Video On Some Basic Starting Tips

Here at Investment Property we are the experts on locating new properties for our clients to purchase as investment opportunities. We focus on new property as opposed to existing property as we believe that this offers our clients the most benefits.  I am not saying that purchasing existing properties or doing the whole renovation thing is the wrong thing to do – it all depends on your situation and what you are trying to achieve. Each and every client we have is as individual as their circumstances and needs – we custom-fit a property to you and as a bonus, manage the sale to ensure a pleasant experience. Below you'll find property investment advice on how to enter the market.

Where will your property investment journey end?

Here's a Great Little Infographic From Commbank Which Is Also A Great Resource On Making Good Buying Decisions

The very first thing you should be doing before you even look at or into property, is having a clear mindset of what you are trying to achieve by purchasing an investment property. For you, at the end of the day, what is the big picture? Is it a retirement nest egg? Is it something special to put away for the kids or grandkids? Is it a popular trend amongst friends and family at the moment? Is it to generate an extra income? Is it to minimize your tax? Is it to replicate the exciting story you read in a magazine where some avid investor is worth millions in only 12 months? Know where you want to the road to end as that will provide the pathway you will follow.

Stepping Stones – meeting your goals

Now that you know where you want your investment property journey to end, or your entire purpose of investing in property, you now need to work out the goals to reach along the way to get there. This will depend on what your end goal is and the timeframe you have to get there. Your level of comfortable risk will also come into the decisions you make from this point forward.

What I am referring to here is how many properties to purchase initially and when you will make subsequent purchases to build up your portfolio. We can assist you with affordability of one or more properties based on financial details provided by you, we can provide you with property investment advice, and we can also share all of our property research and knowledge derived from many years in the property industry with you. However, we need to know your property investment objectives and plan also. You will need to build a team of experts around you to provide you with advice to assist your journey in their specialist fields. 

At this stage you may need to seek the advice of a Financial Planner for insurance planning and/or your Accountant.  At Investment Property we are more than willing to work with your Financial Planner and/or Accountant to assist in finding you the right property that meets your investment strategy and tax plan.

Do The Research

One of the hardest aspects of property investment is doing the property research – knowing the answers to all the what, when, why and how questions you will have. This takes time, patience and persistence to be done thoroughly. You can’t just limit yourself to looking at what is available in the real estate sectors, you need to search broadly and encompass factors apart from property – such things as Council planning documents for Local Government Areas, suburb demographics, economic trends, what the banks are doing, and real estate data for suburbs is a good start to heading in the right direction.

This where Investment Property as a property expert is most beneficial to our Clients. Our clients are well and truly able to perform all this research for themselves, however, as we do it every day and know where to look and what to look for, we are fairly efficient at it. This is a product of experience and expertise combined with practical knowledge. Our Clients use our service not only to save time, but also to ensure that property they end up is a winner.


Now that you have a plan set in concrete, have established a comfortable level of risk, and are busy conducting your research on what property to purchase, you can start to organize your finance. Hopefully you have discussed the pursuit of an investment property with your Accountant and got the go ahead. It’s up to you who does your finance – can be a bank or broker, it’s a personal choice. You should be aiming for a pre-approval amount whilst you are deciding on a property, and have the money plan mapped out. How much do you have for a deposit? What are the extra fees and charges I will need to cover? What will the Interest repayment be? Do I need to re-finance my current home loan? How much equity do I have?

We are not mortgage brokers at Investment Property, but we can put you in touch with mortgage brokers we use regularly who can answer all these questions if you don’t have a preferred mortgage broker or bank manager of your own.

Ready, Set, Purchase

Once you have found a property that meets your investment objectives and financial serviceability it’s all green lights. You are now ready to begin your investment journey, find a good property manager to look after your asset, and start again. Yes – start again. Creating wealth through property is about building a portfolio of properties (more than one) and knowing the difference between good and bad debt.

Feel free to call our team on 1300 212 949 or visit our website if you would like more information.



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